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September 15, 2010 / marcus84richard

How to get an smashing Electrician

Hey When you are searching for an electrical contractor it can be a massive pain in the backside to say the least. But this info is going to help you out. Just below i have put ways to help get the best electrical contractor. Which will help you out and help ya save money and time and lets face it, that is of massive importance these days.

1, Find proof of insurance just by asking the electrical worker for the proof if they cant show it then its a huge N.O. go.

2. Check out if the electrician is registered by finding the acclaimed registration site E.g. NAPIT, NICEIC and searching there info is there, if it isn’t then dont use them.

3. Previous Customer satisfaction form and/or previous customers telephone number, ring them & see what they say.

4. Pictures or portfolio of past jobs to find out what the quality of work is like.

5. Ask what (if any) guarantee’s the company has & ask for them in written.

6, Proof Customer satisfaction form on a different website or perhaps a google maps listing E.G. search the maps result by looking for the companie name on to see there star rating. This can be an quite accurate insight in to that companies reviews.

Thank You for taking time to read this info & have a great day!

Written By electricians in leeds to help you get a outstanding Electrical Contractor in the local area.

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